Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Higher-Paying Keywords?

It's not only important to have the right color scheme for your adsense ads it also helps to have high-paying keywords on your site as well!

While going through some of the Adsense-related forums today I found a post saying that the term "wow gold" is a highly competitive keyword.

What is "wow gold"? Apparently it has something to do The World of Warcraft game.

It also goes to show you that high-paying keywords change a lot. What is high-paying today may just not be high-paying tommorrow!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Adsense - A Decrease In Earnings????

I was looking over the previous posts in this blog and I saw that I had made a post about people seeing a decline in their Google Adsense earnings.

Well guess what? It is happening again! People have been posting about how their Google Adsense earnings have decreased by a lot!

No one quite knows what is causing such a decline with Adsense earnings. Some people think that it is because of the Christmas holidays and others think that it may be as simple as visitors not clicking on any of the Adsense ads.

I really don't know what to make of it myself because I have also seen my Google Adsense numbers go down too. But I am working on ways to to increase my Google Adsense earnings. You can read more about my progress by going to my The Adsense Consultant Blog.

Monday, February 23, 2009

When Does Adsense Pay?

I keep a separate blog called The Adsense Consultant. This is where I blog about being an Adsense Consultant but it is also where I blog about when us Adsense publishers get paid!

You see Adsense publishers get paid every month if and only if their adsense earnings reach at least $100 during the month. If that amount is reached then the publisher will get paid during the next month - usually around the 25th of the month!

But first you have to make at least the $100 minimum in order to receive an Adsense payment during the next month.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here Is A Site Using The Same Color Scheme

Here is an example of another website that is basically using this same Adsense color scheme for their website:

Proud Smokers

Basically this website is a posting board for those that are proud to be smokers and they show their proud-ness by posting to this page and also link back to their own website or blog as well.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Noticing A Drop In Adsense Earnings?

People have been posting that they have seen their adsense earning numbers drop and they are wondering what could be the problem.

There could be a lot of reasons why the numbers are less.

In my own case I have found that my earnings have dropped - oh I would say by 20% - and I think that the main reason for this is because I have less pages that have adsense ads on them and I am definitely seeing a drop in earnings!

So what I want to do is to get back to the original number of pages that I had when I was at my Adsense peak! This is going to take some time because the pages have to re-gain their reputation first.

Also another thing that I can do is to put more higher-paying keyword content into my sites so that they will attract the higher-paying advertisers - which will mean more money being paid per click - cpm!

Since Adsense has proven to be a great way to be able to make money online, any thing that one can think of to increase their adsense earnings will do nothing but help them more!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So, Why A Blog About The "Best" Adsense Colors?

Because almost everybody that has an Adsense account is looking for the best and most profitable way to optimize their adsense earnings!

What I have come to learn is that not every rule applies to everybody! That is one of the best things (and most annoying things too) about Google's Adsense Program! Some people swear by having Adsense ads that mix in with the color layout of their site and yet others swear by the exact opposite - saying that the more the adsense ads stand out the better it's earning (and click) potential!

Since this blog is only a few days old it is still too early to tell if the color of the layout of my adsense ads draw in a higher click-through rate.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crazy About Adsense?

Of course people (including myself) are going crazy about Google's Adsense program!

It lets you be able to earn money online by having visitors to your site clicking on the ads - and that's how you earn adsense money!

There have been some Adsense Millionaires out there!

Here is a link to one of my blog posts about Just How Much Money Have People Been Making With Adsense